Spring/summer 2021

"Haute Couture signed by Gianpaolo Esse"

A lot of care, little make-up.

Everything must appear natural and casual, but nothing should be left to chance. A Bride of Gianpaolo esse is a modern, seductive and essential bride.

An inimitable style that since 1998 has imposed a new idea of ​​bride. Far from any excess to itself, it is the style that enhances the bride without transforming it. Born from the experience of the great tailors and matured respectively in high fashion and design, the first atelier is opened in a small space.

The success is immediate, the linear and clean style of Gianpaolo esse, immediately creates a trend. Following the wide demand of demanding customers and lovers of detail. Even today, these details are taken care of and followed personally, like real creative workshops where ideas are born and where future brides see their dress step by step. From the most important and sumptuous ceremonies, to weddings in the countryside or barefoot on the beach, to more informal weddings in trousers and miniskirts, to those decidedly more normal with clothes that can also be reused, each bride is experienced as a single, different adventure and original.

Each dress is therefore personalized and adapted to the type of person as well as to the tone of the ceremony. The continuous stylistic research, the use of exclusive fabrics, the quality of the packaging and tailoring cuts allow each model to give the extra grit that has made Le Spose di Gianpaolo Esse a solid and esteemed brand.

Unmistakable Italian style.

Made in Italy, known and appreciated all over the world, has made Italian products have gained value and fame in the various product categories over time.

This means that a product is entirely made in Italy, from design and work on paper, to the finished product ready for sale.

The Italian sartorial tradition is a resource that the whole world envies and copies; this is why, as a business philosophy, we decided to produce all our clothes exclusively in Italy and with national fabrics, convinced that the difference is not only seen, but also felt by wearing them.

Our wedding dresses are completely made in Italy, with Italian fabrics according to the best sartorial tradition that we have been carrying forward for more than 20 years. Our team of seamstresses, cutters, embroiderers, guarantees a high standard of quality and an extreme ease in making changes. The clothes are made after careful fitting and careful selection of fabrics. The cut and the materials of our clothes are unique and it is necessary to wear them to understand the difference.

The fabric is characterized by the typical freshness of pure silk. In fact, natural fabrics like silk are light and transpiring and make the wedding dress delicate and natural. Synthetic fabrics instead weigh down the dress making it very difficult to wear throughout the day.

The proximity of the laboratory allows us to offer our customers promptness and flexibility: we are in fact able to manufacture a dress in a very short time frame and we can offer a 360 degree tailoring service. You can choose to customize your dress by making changes and mixing different models, depending on the needs of the wedding and your tastes. A tailor-made service that allows, however, to be able to wear sample models, to get an idea of ​​how they will be built once now even with the possibility of buying your dress directly online.

The High Fashion Collection, Spring / Summer 2018 will soon be presented


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